When Life Gives You Eggs, Make a Fritatta!

One of my teachers gave me a dozen organic eggs he got from free-range chickens he raises at his home. It was a thoughtful gift and he said he knew I was a foodie. For my first meat free meal challenge, I wanted to use those eggs so I found a recipe for a Zucchini, Potato and Dill Frittata in The Meat Free Monday Cookbook. With a quick trip to our local farmer’s market two blocks away, I was able to purchase locally grown new, red potatoes and zucchini. I couldn’t find fresh dill at the farmer’s market so I used dried dill I had at home. Olive oil, garlic, butter, Parmesean cheese, salt, and pepper were on hand so I was set with all the ingredients.

The preparation was easy; I cooked the potatoes, pan fried the zucchini, pan fried the potatoes, whisked the egg mixture, then put the ingredients together in a pan. That was then cooked on the stovetop and finished with some broiling.

Kip gave the fritatta an A+ but I think it was a B. The reason for my lower review is I wanted it to have a stronger dill taste and that might have been caused by not using fresh dill. I’d also add more Parmesean cheese to the egg mixture and on top to give it more of a punch. But, overall it was a good first meat free meal adventure.

Next up, the eggplant challenge!

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